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Undergraduate Spotlights

  • I have always been sensitive to colors, and studying Geography & GIS can help me use this talent while also improving my programming skills. Taking a GIS approach and perspective on different cities, social situations, etc. allows me to analyze things in a more objective and rational way. Geography can help me understand the topography and customs of a country, and the geographic factors...
  • I have always loved Geography, and my high school AP Human Geography teacher included an additional unit on GIS that really piqued my interest. We got to work in groups and find the best location for a new business in our local area based on certain attributes. Learning ArcMap at a younger age was really helpful for understanding what GIS is and how to use it. While geography & GIS was not...
  • Geography, understanding where things are and why, always seemed like an intuitive way to figure out my place in the world. My initial interest came from visiting family in Serbia and trying to figure out Balkan geopolitics.
  • I hope to acquire enough knowledge to pursue a career in telecommunications. I am interested in that particular field as it has a huge impact on the way we learn, work, and communicate with each other.
  • If you enjoy understanding how to compile and collect data that's useful for businesses and many other areas, GGIS is a good way to learn about how to interpret and use the data you collect.
  • I always wanted to have a career where I could help others and be on my feet all the time, and I would like to travel and use GIS for humanitarian efforts coinciding with global health.
  • Growing up, I was constantly brainstorming creative ways to represent time and space at different scales. I loved creating maps of made up worlds and constructing 3D models of landscapes out of scraps of wood.
  • Majoring in CS + GIS was inspired by my interests in the logical problem solving involved with computer science, coupled with a general interest in human geography.
  • I had done some work with GIS prior to undergrad and really enjoyed it. I wanted to be able to take what I already knew and expand upon it by getting more involved in the technical side of geospatial studies.
  • I started my undergrad as a computer science major but realized I wanted to do more with the intersection of programming and data analysis & interpretation.