Learn about interactions between society, environment, and technology in the classroom and out in the field, using advanced geospatial methods and data! We offer the following three degree options:

Bachelor of Science (BS) Concentrations

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
    Use cutting-edge geospatial technologies and data to examine environmental and social issues; support business decisions; protect the environment; and manage the massive amounts of spatial data generated from mobile devices and sensor networks. The GIS concentration provides in-depth practical and field training, preparing students for geospatial careers- one of the fastest-growing domestic job sectors.
  • Physical Geography
    river basin
    The Physical Geography concentration examines the environmental sciences including patterns of climate, landforms, vegetation, soils, and water. Graduates of our physical geography concentration will be equipped for careers in environmental science and consulting, land and water resource management, and remote sensing using drones and satellites.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Concentrations

  • General Geography
    Integrate social science, physical science, and technology to study how humans use the Earth’s surface. This concentration allows you to sample courses from different sub-fields of geography without having to choose one specialty of the discipline. Upon completion, you are prepared for diverse employment opportunities, or further studies in a geography graduate program.
  • Human Geography
    Explore the social science aspect of modern geography. The curriculum includes the systematic study of human social organization and its environmental consequences. Employment opportunities for human geographers include urban and regional planning, transportation, marketing, real estate, tourism, and international business.


Computer Science + Geography & GIS Degree (Bachelor of Science)

Students in CS + Geography & Geographic Information Science will not only develop advanced programming skills to deal with geospatial data, but also create new methods and tools to analyze that data.

We also offer a Minor in Geography & GIS.

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