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Professor Howard Roepke was a Geography faculty member from 1955-1985, and his estate provided a generous gift to the University of Illinois Foundation to support our undergraduate majors. There are three Roepke Scholarship opportunities available to our undergraduate majors:
Freshman/Sophomore: Roepke Academic Scholarship

Freshmen and sophomore GGIS majors can apply for an academic scholarship of up to $1,000.

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Junior/Senior: Roepke Research Scholarship

Junior and Senior GGIS majors can apply for a scholarship of up to $2,500, to aid in conducting research with a GGIS faculty member, based on their research interests.

GGIS undergraduate majors have the unique opportunity to work as part of a faculty member's research team, where they can learn to identify significant research questions, develop hypotheses, collect primary data, perform appropriate data analysis though the use of statistical and mathematical methods, and use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology when needed. As part of a research team, GGIS juniors and seniors awarded the Roepke Research Opportunity will aid in the collection and analysis of data, and assist faculty with the writing of papers and manuscripts.

Research Opportunities may be planned for one or two semesters or for 2-3 months during the summer. The number of hours a student works will depend on the student's course load, the nature of the research project, and the type of work to be performed. Research Opportunities during the academic year will not exceed 10 hours per week.

Please feel free to explore our faculty's research interests and then speak directly a faculty member about their research. Then complete the application linked above, outlining the your specific research duties and goals.

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Research Opportunities do not carry academic credit; however, credit can be earned if you enroll in GEOG 391 in a subsequent term, and carry out your own research project based on the Roepke Scholarship experience. In such cases, a Plan of Study agreement outlining the nature of the work to be performed, the anticipated end result or product, and the amount of independent study credit to be earned should be developed and signed by the faculty member and student. The extent to which the Plan of Study is fulfilled will serve as the basis for assigning a GEOG 391 grade.

GGIS 391 - Plan of Study Agreement

All Levels: Roepke Study Abroad Scholarship

GGIS undergraduate majors who intend to apply for either Study Abroad or Courses Abroad may also apply for a Roepke Study Abroad Scholarship. Opportunities also exist for supplemental funding for unpaid internships; please contact our undergraduate advisor for more information,

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Roepke Research project experiences