James Leonard Best

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  • By Amber Rose, Grainger College of Engineering University of Illinois researchers Leonardo Chamorro and Jim Best used clear mud in order to study the structure of turbulence in water flows. You might be thinking, "mud isn’t clear!" If so, you would be wrong. Most work done by researchers...

  • Satellite imagery of Earth has been available for years, but it keeps getting better and better. Illinois researchers can now have access to free high-res satellite data collected by Planet Labs.

  • A new paper by Professors Jim Best and Stephen Darby takes a big-picture approach to review the health and resiliency of the world’s large river systems.

  • Prof. Jim Best published an opinion piece in Geographical, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society: The dangerous state of the world’s large river basins

  • by Gavin Good, LAS News Date Sand is an important natural resource that is being critically mismanaged, according to a piece featured in Nature magazine this month by Jim Best, the Jack and Richard Threet Professor of Sedimentary Geology and professor of geography and...