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James Leonard Best



Jim Best’s current research concerns the mechanics of sediment transport, the investigation of modern sedimentary environments, and the interpretation of ancient alluvium. Current areas of ongoing research include: interactions between turbulent flows and sediment movement, turbulence modulation in sedimentological flows, bedform dynamics, braided river dynamics and deposits, the morphodynamics of river channel confluences, the sedimentology of large rivers, the application of multibeam imaging within sedimentary environments, basin evolution, paleoenvironments, and sedimentology of the Western Irish Namurian Basin.


  • Ph.D., Birkbeck College, University of London
  • B.S., University of Leeds

Courses Taught

Recent Publications

McGowan, D., Salian, A., Baas, J. H., Peakall, J., & Best, J. (2024). On the origin of chevron marks and striated grooves, and their use in predicting mud bed rheology. Sedimentology, 71(2), 687-708.

Chen, Q., Li, Q., Lin, Y., Zhang, J., Xia, J., Ni, J., Cooke, S. J., Best, J., He, S., Feng, T., Chen, Y., Tonina, D., Benjankar, R., Birk, S., Fleischmann, A. S., Yan, H., & Tang, L. (2023). River Damming Impacts on Fish Habitat and Associated Conservation Measures. Reviews of Geophysics, 61(4), Article e2023RG000819.

Delorme, P., Nield, J. M., Wiggs, G. F. S., Baddock, M. C., Bristow, N. R., Best, J. L., Christensen, K. T., & Claudin, P. (2023). Field Evidence for the Initiation of Isolated Aeolian Sand Patches. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(4), Article e2022GL101553.

Kang, S., Hong, L., Cheng, S., Best, J. L., & Chamorro, L. P. (2023). On the settling of aligned spherical particles in various quiescent media. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 975, Article R1.

Morgan, L. A., Shanks, W. C. P., Pierce, K. L., Iverson, N., Schiller, C. M., Brown, S. R., Zahajska, P., Cartier, R., Cash, R. W., Best, J. L., Whitlock, C., Fritz, S., Benzel, W., Lowers, H., Lovalvo, D. A., & Licciardi, J. M. (2023). The dynamic floor of Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USA: The last 14 k.y. of hydrothermal explosions, venting, doming, and faulting. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 135(3-4), 547-574.

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