Dr. Jim Best
Landscape change in the world's big rivers

Potential project tasks: Analysis of remote sensing imagery, literature/data search and data analysis/plotting


Dr. Siân Butcher
Housing cooperatives & community land trusts in Southern Africa

Potential project tasks: Building database of housing coops and CLTs; web searches; media clipping; creating bibliographies; literature review


Dr. Julie Cidell
Society, Mobility, and Infrastructure at Illinois Lab (SMIIL)

Potential project tasks GIS mapping, web searches, literature reviews, surveys of state departments of transportation. Topics: transportation, including railyard redevelopment, freight vehicle electrification in Chicago, and how engineers modify standard traffic calculations for local conditions across the US.


Dr. Chunyuan Diao
Mapping crop species distributions across the US using satellite remote sensing and street view imagery

Potential project tasks: Satellite and street imagery collection, crop species label creation, imagery analysis and interpretation.


Dr. Marynia Kolak
Measuring Associations of Historic Racism and Health: Sundown Towns, Racial Sentiment, and Health in Illinois and Indiana Counties

Potential project tasks: Literature Review, Citation Management in Zotero, Exploratory Data Analysis in R, QGIS mapping, CITI certification.


Dr. Mark Lara
Measuring forest carbon using UAS LiDAR

Potential project tasks: Field assistance, data processing, data analysis, and interpretation.