This year's project theme is 'Improvise and Intervene'

PhD student Marina Moscoso Arabía (advisor: Nikolai Alvarado) was selected for the second cohort of Humanities Research Institute (HRI) Mellon Interseminars Graduate Fellows. This year's project theme is “Improvise and Intervene” - fellows and faculty conveners from the humanities, arts, and social sciences will explore these themes through their disciplines and research. This year's fellows will begin their projects in Summer 2023 and conclude in Fall 2024.

marina moscoso and david harvey
Marina and Prof. David Harvey at the Casa Taft 169 project in Puerto Rico. [Photo courtesy Marina Moscoso]

"In my project application, 'Improvise and Intervene in turbulent times and uncertain futures,' I reflected on these two thematic approaches in the historical and cultural context of Puerto Rico, how they have been an essential part of my previous work with nuisance properties, occupation initiatives and housing policies, as well as the role I imagine improvisation and intervention can play in my future research," said Moscoso.

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