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Yilin Lyu

Research Assistant at HeRoP Lab
Advisor: Dr. Marynia Aniela Kolak


Yilin is a Ph.D. student in Geography & GIS at UIUC. She also work as a Research Assistant at Dr. Marynia Aniela Kolak's Healthy Regions & Policies Lab.

Research Interests

Health Geogrpahy

Infectious Diseases

Resources Accessibility

Research Description

Yilin interested in interdisciplinary research on integrating geospatial science, urban health, and network analysis to identify vulnerable groups and optimize health resource distribution in the cities. She focused on identifying how spatial, social, and structural determinants impact community health. Also, she interested in exploring the relationships between people’s mobility within cities, including healthcare-seeking behaviors, and resource accessibility.


BS in Geography - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MS in GIS - Temple University

Ph.D. Student in Geography & GIS - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Recent Publications

Spatial Distribution of COVID-19 and Its Influential Factors in the City of Philadelphia