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Kei Kato


Kei (pronounced kay-ee) is a Ph.D. student in Geography from Japan. His research interests lie at the intersection of urban geographies, settler colonial studies, and Indigenous geographies. He seeks to understand how cities in the 21st century U.S. are constructed through the interplay between settler colonialism and Indigenous navigations of such violent realities. In this exploration, he particularly focuses on the ocean. For the dissertation research, he aims to investigate the tensions between settler management and governance of the ocean and Indigenous ways of interacting with the ocean as integral components of the urban process. His advisor is Dr. David Wilson. 


Photo credit: Keita Yasui

Research Interests

  • urban geographies 都市地理学
  • settler colonialism 入植者植民地主義
  • racial capitalism 人種資本主義
  • Indigenous geographies 先住民地理(学)
  • critical race theory 批判的人種理論
  • human-environment interactions 人間・自然関係論
  • political ecology 政治生態学
  • environmental humanities 環境人文学
  • critical ocean studies 批判的海洋研究
  • qualitative methodologies and methods 質的方法論および調査法


  • M.A. in Geography, Ohio University (Athens, Ohio, USA), 2019
  • B.A. in Anthropology, International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan), 2017

Courses Taught

Graduate Teaching Assistant

GGIS 104: Social and Cultural Geography (2023 Fall)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Affiliated Student, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory