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Matthew Hiett

Advisors: Julie Cidell and David Wilson


I have worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory since 2010. My recent work at CERL has focused on using spatial analyses to enhance site selection and assessment for a range of Army missions. I have also been involved in creating and deploying software tools for the remote assessment of critical infrastructure to inform mission planning processes.

Research Interests

Urban Morphology

Urban Morphometrics

Space Syntax

Historical Geography

Cities as Systems


Research Description

I am interested in urban morphology/morphometrics and its relation to non-physical conceptions of space.


M.U.P.  2012, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

B.A. 2009, Augustana College, Departments of Geography and History

Highlighted Publications

McMillan-Wilhoit, Juliana, Elisabeth Bastian, Matthew Hiett, and Noah Garfinkle. "A four-part framework for geodesign software creation and research." Transactions in GIS. 2018.

Ehlschlaeger, Charles R., David A. Browne, Natalie R. Myers, Jeffrey A. Burkhalter, Carey Baxter, Yizhao Gao, Dandong Yin, and Mathew D. Hiett. "From Data to Decision with Analytic Frameworks: Presenting Data Errors and Uncertainties for Operational Planning," Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, 34. 44-47.

Ehlschlaeger, Charles R.; Gao, Yizhao; Westervelt, James D.; Lozar, Robert C.; Drigo, Marina V.; Burkhalter, Jeffrey A.; Baxter, Carey L.; Hiett, Matthew D.; Myers, Natalie R.; and Hartman, Ellen R. (2016) "Mapping neighborhood scale survey responses with uncertainty metrics," Journal of Spatial Information Science: Issue 13, 103-130.

Lozar, Robert C., Matthew D. Hiett, James D. Westervelt, (Igor Linkov and Todd S. Bridges, eds.) "Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation on CONUS Military Installations." In Climate: Global Change and Local Adaptation. Dordrecht: Springer, 2011.