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Bruce L Rhoads



I have worked on the fluvial dynamics of streams in the Midwest for over 30 years.  My research interests range from investigations aimed at improving our basic scientific understanding of the geomorphology of rivers to studies focusing on issues of importance for river management and policy.   Much of my work emphasizes field measurements of process-form interactions, but through collaborations with colleagues at Illinois I also participate in projects that involve laboratory experiments and numerical modeling.


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.A., Michigan State University
  • B.A., Shippensburg University

Courses Taught

GGIS 103 - Earth's Physical Systems
GGIS 406 - Fluvial Geomorphology
GGIS 408 - Humans and River Systems                                                                                                                                                                                                  GGIS 460 - Aerial Photo Analysis
GGIS 471 - Modern Geographic Thought

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Geography and Geographic Information Science
Department Affiliate, Earth Science and Environmental Change
Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Department Affiliate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor, Center for Global Studies

Recent Publications

Rhoads, B. L., Anders, A. M., Banerjee, P., Grimley, D. A., Stumpf, A., & Blair, N. E. (2024). Sensitivity of a meandering lowland river to intensive landscape management: Lateral migration rates before and after watershed-scale agricultural development. Anthropocene, 45, Article 100429.

Shukla, T., Salas, C. R., Pankau, R. C., & Rhoads, B. L. (Accepted/In press). Critical linkages among floodplain hydrology, geomorphology and ecology along a lowland meandering river, Illinois, USA. Ecohydrology.

Konsoer, K., Rowley, T., & Rhoads, B. (2023). The Role of Bed Morphology and Channel Curvature on the Redistribution of Momentum in a Series of Meander Bends, Pearl River, USA. Water Resources Research, 59(10), Article e2023WR034804.

Kumar, P., Anders, A., Bauer, E., Blair, N. E., Cain, M., Dere, A., Druhan, J., Filley, T., Giannopoulos, C., Goodwell, A. E., Grimley, D., Karwan, D., Keefer, L. L., Kim, J., Marini, L., Muste, M., Papanicolaou, A. N. T., Rhoads, B. L., Rodriguez, L. C. H., ... Zhou, S. (2023). Emergent role of critical interfaces in the dynamics of intensively managed landscapes. Earth-Science Reviews, 244, Article 104543.

Shukla, T., & Rhoads, B. L. (2023). Meandering rivers that anabranch in the upper Midwest (USA): Prevalence, morphological characteristics, and power regimes. Geomorphology, 440, Article 108854.

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