Jordan Parker, Class of 2022

jordan parker

While I was in Systems Engineering as a lower-classman, I always had an interest in learning to code and studying geography. Though I took computer science classes here and there, I didn’t find any area interesting enough to apply those skills. Just out of curiosity, I attended a GGIS event for prospective students looking to transfer into the department to see what else U of I had to offer. Learning about the projects students were working on and the variety of experiences in the fieldwork of the professors was very inspiring to pursue this route of academic study. I believe I truly found a way to utilize my skills for causes revolving around spatial science.

Switching to GIS at the end of my sophomore year allowed me to not only learn languages like Python and R but also connect me with mentors who've done fieldwork revolving around CyberGIS. GGIS is filled with intelligent minds completing research and work to better our future by building off geospatial technology, challenging the problems of today, and coming up with the solutions of tomorrow. These courses and research opportunities have taught me thus far how I could have an impact on real-world issues. I’m looking forward to continuing my professional career in this industry, partaking in a variety of projects, and seeing how much I grow into this field.